Altered haven



I prayed about seeing Trina for over 3 years before I had an angel reading. After my first session, I couldn't believed I had waited so long. It was blissful, happily tearful and challenging (we will always get "homework" as Trina calls it, for continual growth and spiritual focus). I wonder if many sit in silence when working with Trina because of the accurate details and visions from spirit she can gift to her clients. During a Reiki session I had a coughing attacked, so I thought, and I was quiet embarrassed.  As she prepared me a cup of peach tea with her own hawthorn syrup following the Reiki, she said I did so well with the energy that was being pushed into my throat chakra where no activity was present, hence the surprise coughing spell. I was eased quickly and amazed. I've been working on throat chakra strength since. My spirituality has evolved and has become rooted with the help of my angels' guidance through Trina's gift.  She has changed my family's lives, as my mother and husband have enjoyed sessions with Trina also and a cleansing performed by Trina in our family's place of business. I thank God for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and begin a beautiful relationship with Trina. The universe must have known she was to be in it all along! ~Anna

Trina is amazing!!!  She has brought us peace and happiness with our passed loved ones and hope and healing to us both in our readings.~​Henry & Carol    

I have been living in Canada for 26 years and in 2006 my mom passed away.  I took her death very hard and had a difficult time realizing that she was not here on this earth with me any longer.  I had unresolved questions about my relationship with her and I was torn to pieces.  ​I moved to Denver in 2011 and shortly after I arrived here I met Trina.  I had looked for answers from other spiritual psychics and none of them seem to connect with mom.  I had to admit at first I was a bit skeptical because no one seemed to be able to give me distinct information.  Trina was different and she made me smile and cry.  I don’t even know where to begin to say how she healed my heart and answered my long awaited questions. ​Trina was able to tell me things like, how I sang to my mother after her death, how mom treated me as a child and tell me things that my mom wanted to apologize to me for.  All this information was being explained to me as if my mom was talking to me instead of this stranger.  The details and the words being spoken to me is none other like I’ve ever heard before and I truly felt like my mom was there.  ​That was the beginning of my relationship with Trina and I have continued to see her for comfort, answers and spiritual advice for over a year now.  I can’t imagine my life without Trina because she has remarkably healed much heartache for me by allowing the spirits to speak through her and give me the healing I need to move on in my life.  She is truly insightful and gifted as she has shared information in full detail that no other person on this earth could ever know.  She has also been able to see how I treat my mental health and body, things that I took much effort in to hide from my family.  I feel very blessed to have met Trina, for she has solved many riddles in my life and given me answers and guidance to be happy and healthy.~ Rockie

​WOW! So I had no idea what to expect for my first reading. I was a total skeptic only because I was new to the whole idea and thought it would be like the movie ghost! Needless to say it it nothing like the movie. Trina was very respectful of my nervousness to try something new and took the time to explain what she was doing. I greatly appreciated how she provided me with just enough information. It was amazing. It allowed me to have closure in area of my life that I needed closure in and allowed me to have a peace that I had not had for some time previously.  My second mini reading I was a little more comfortable with the idea since the first one made such an impact in my life. It was just what I needed to help me know I was headed in the right direction. The goal poster class was also amazing! I have done goal posters for the past 3 years and have always found that what we add on them comes to pass but I have had a hard time focusing my goals. Trina's class was great because you start off with a meditation which helps focus your mind and the canvas is just the right size to only get your top priority items. I also loved how the teaching on chakras and how to draw energy to the things we want in our lives. It was a different concept than I had done in the past I it was fun to incorporate what I learned into my goal poster this year. ~Bernadette

My readings with Trina has been life-changing experiences! Not only did she connect me to my guide but she has given me a different outlook on my life's journey. She helped me see choices that I couldn't see before. Trina has a true gift of helping people and I feel so blessed to have her in my life! Thank you Trina, your strength and guidance is amazing!​ ~ Lisa Z.

My 1st reading with Trina was amazing!  My reading was accurate, comforting and humorous at times.  I have since started Trina's Life Empowerment Program.  After the 1st session of the program and doing the homework Trina assigned, I already feel a positive difference. ~Susan S.

Trina is a wonderful gifted person. I had the honor of meeting this amazing person at ATP in Denver. She is a fun warm and caring person when you meet her you'll see you why I love her. I was blessed to have a reading with her. What she told me was spot on. I wish I lived closer instead of the other side of the world, so I could continue to work with her. ~Anja P.

My reading with Trina was a powerful catalyst for me. Guidance and direction from my angels and information to help  navigate my journey. I felt relaxed and yet excited to receive this divine wisdom. Your reading was spot on! I've  implemented the suggestions and opportunties have already flowed into my life--way to go!  What a great way to start this year-I am grateful for it and your gifts. ~Elaine C.

The first time I met Trina, I knew there was something special about her. She was real, sensitive, empathetic, funny and "the real thing" when it comes to talking to those that have passed as well as knowing past, current, and future information about my life. She has a great laugh, one that radiates and lights up a room. Trina gave me direction in my life at a time I needed it the most. I had a boyfriend that passed away, leaving my life in pieces and I was very afraid to love and trust again. Trina worked with me, weekly at times and helped me trust again. She helped lift that heavy cloud I felt surrounding and sometimes suffocating my heart for years after my boyfriend's death. Trina talked to my guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side, and boy did they have A LOT of advice I needed so desperately to hear and just have validated. Trina could sum up a problem or struggle in a sentence, one that I had struggled with for many years. She would also help me find solutions with only a few simple words. Sometimes with life, it's hard to see the forest from the trees.  When suffering through a trauma or problems one can feel so alone and as if no one in the world understands what they are going through or the immense pain that seems to find a home in your heart.  Trina understood me and helped me remember we are souls traveling in these bodies with purpose and lessons to learn.  Trina helped me see the "bigger picture"  and a year later I had a beautiful wedding with a wonderful man.  There was laughter and at times tears, but I knew I was not on this journey called life alone. She is very to the point and "says it like it is" which I appreciate greatly because to solve a problem, you need to know what the problem is in the first place. She is also very in touch with angels, they would chime in often and give her information which I think surprised even her at times. She is an ethical, strong person, whom I admire greatly. She was born with a spiritual gift and her psychic abilities have come natural to her throughout her life.  I am truly blessed that Trina has come into my life and excited about all the lives she will touch in the future, all the hearts she will help heal, and the peace and direction she will bring to the souls that have lost their way. I love you Trina!

~Kym  J.

Trina is the most wonderful person and spiritual teacher that you will ever meet! She helped me find my life's career through our sessions, I'm extremely happy going back to school to reach my goals. The one on one sessions are great for improving your life spiritually as Trina connects with spirit and your guides to help you work on what you need. If you do the things that spirit recommends you'll feel great and happy. You'll be impressed after sitting down with Trina on how much you can learn and improve your life through your sessions as long as your willing to do the work. Trina is a great friend of ours and we really are grateful for meeting her, she has helped me and my family shift through our sessions. I can't say enough great things about her, she is an amazing person !! ~ Kevin B.

​​"I attended a reading party with a friend who kind of had to talk me into going as I am or was slightly skeptical of really hearing from passed on family members or friends.   I decided to have an open mind because I had some very negative feelings/issues towards my mother who passed several years prior.   My mother and I had a terrible, sometimes hateful relationship.  My siblings and I did not have a loving childhood, in fact most times it was scary and horribly intimidating. My mother was extremely emotionally abusive and my father never stepped in to stop the abuse as he was as fearful of her as we children were.   She never said "I love you, good job, or I'm sorry,"  NEVER!  Upon my mothers passing I was still very unforgiving and angry with her,I simply couldn't get past it. I needed to know if my mother ever loved us, why she even had children, and how could she be so evil to her own children. Trina did not know me or any part of my life or story, and had never even met me before the night of my reading.    It was incredible and lifted a huge weight off of me...Trina was able to tell me things that only immediate family members knew in order to validate that it truly was my mother coming through.   I was finally able to hear an apology from my mother and an explanation as to why she was the way she was and did the things she did, that she was sorry she didn't understand how to love her children.   Trina's reading brought me much closure and most of all eliminated much  of my anger for my mother.  I am not saying I have completely forgiven her for everything, but I am on a very good path and working towards the final thing I need to forgive and let go of." Thank You so much Trina,  years of therapy couldn't even come close to what you were able to help me with.  I owe you so much and will continue to attend your workshops and events.  Your positive and spiritual energy and motivation are second to none.  I value and appreciate your very special abilities.Best Regards, ~Betsy E.