Altered haven




Where is the other side or as some people call heaven?

The other side is not above us or below us, but it's actually all around us. Everything is made of energy and vibrations. The vibration of our physical world is slow and dense, making us solid. The other side vibrates at a much higher rate and or energy. There is a thin vale between this world and the spirit world, the difference in vibrations is what separates each other is the frequency of the vibrations. 

How can someone raise their own vibration level?
There are many ways to start to raise your vibrations. To start is through meditation. Every time you meditate, you’re bringing more energy into your physical and spiritual body and at the same time, you’re charging your chakras (energy centers), as well as reinforcing and expanding your aura. Working with others in a meditation group or a psychic development group will greatly assist in raising your vibration. You know the old saying is true, “there is power in numbers.” 

When you die, do you still grow old? Do children grow to adults?
I know that when I link with those on the other side, they always come through healthy and whole. All past ailments and physical disabilities are gone – the soul is perfect. Often times they will come through showing me their age when they passed, and other times they come through when they were much younger. They do this depending on who is getting the message, so they can identify themselves with the person who is receiving the message. I’ve often heard that children do grow up on the other side, but once again I believe it’s a personal choice. I have read for parents who lost their child as a baby, and have years later shown themselves the exact age they would be if they were here in the physical world. 

Does it matter what religion or faith I practiced when it is my time to cross over?
Almost all religions and faiths have some belief in the after-life, but some more than others do. I believe it helps us to follow a faith and its teachings, to assist us in our preparation to eventually cross over. I like to use the analogy of spokes on a wheel. Each spoke on the wheel represents a different religion or faith and each is independent of each other, but they are all moving in the same direction. We are all born with the spark from the divine and when our body dies that spark is everlasting and will leave the "house" it is encased in and move back into the spirit world once we all came. We all are made up of energy that never dies, it was will be!

Are they always connected to us all the time?
No. I always tell my students and audiences that as with the physical world, your loved ones are not with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, but they are often there, when you need them most. People should realize how much energy it takes for those who have passed to lower their vibration and make a connection to this physical realm. I believe they are doing their 
own learning over there and we are always growing and progressing. You can help them by learning to increase and raise your awareness and in doing so, it will assist you in meeting them halfway.

Why do they come back?
Because they can! Your people on the other side share in your life here. Often in my readings, spirit will acknowledge being around my clients during difficult times, lending their support and strength. Of course, they don't visit just during difficult times, very often they will confirm and give evidence that they were present to see their child get married or the birth of a new baby. Holidays and special occasions are also big for them as they want to see us happy. If they were here physically, they would be at these events, so being in spirit does not change the fact they are your family and still care about your life and their loved ones who are still here. Besides, do you 
think they would miss a good party?

Can they help us from the other side?
Once again, like those here, they can assist you and send you love and support, and sometimes inspiration. It is not their job to tell you what to do or to do it for you. You have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your choices and actions. They cannot interfere with those lessons that assist us in our souls' growth. I remember a woman coming to see me and her mother came through. The woman was thrilled and wanted her mom to tell her if she should divorce her husband. The mother could not make that decision for her, it was not her job and divorce would be an earthly issue. We all have free will and should take personal responsibility for our own lives.

Do people change when they go over?
Every time I link with a spirit, they appear to be exactly the same as they were here. People seem to think that when we pass, we somehow turn into this exalted being. They have the same personality and quirks, whether it is upbeat, humorous, strict or relaxed. It means a lot to my clients when I blend with their loved ones and start to describe and even act out some of their personalities or occasionally their personal habits. To get a spirit's personality can sometimes be the best evidence since we are all so very different. I do believe over a period time, we will progress further on the other side and raise ourselves to an even higher level.

Could you still communicate with my parents even though they did not speak English?
Yes. My form of mediumship happens on a mental thought level. I receive images and words by
the power of thought so there is no language barrier involved. I have read for Ethiopians, Chinese, Latinos, Brazilians, Japanese and so many more. Each time i connect with someone 
who lived in another country, I will always feel his or her culture and experiences as if i was actually there. Sometimes on a rare occasion, i may even come up with a word or saying in their own language, even though i have never spoken it before.


Do you call the dead?
No. They, like us, have free will. We do not have power over them. Some people who have come to me for a reading may want to connect with a certain person but they may get someone they were not expecting. It is not a case of 1-800-Dial-the-dead!