Altered haven


Connecting with your Angels

Connecting with your spirit guides

Your soul’s energy

Your aura

Your chakras

Releasing unwanted energies

Space Cleansings

Replenishing your energy

Manifesting your desires

Raising your body energy back to its natural energy vibration

Staying in alignment on your spiritual path

Creating a spiritual sanctuary for yourself

Classes are designed for beginning and experienced students alike, you can learn about:

intuitive classes

Are you ready for a deeper exploration of the wisdom and insight calling from your heart? By opening your life to intuition and spirit, you can become your own spiritual, emotional, and healing guide. Trina can help you discover your connection to spirit and universal soul knowledge. During her workshops, or private retreats, you can begin to open yourself to the life-changing potential of intuition and spirit.

Empowerment Coaching can help you with: 

• Discover and live your Soul Purpose 
• Heal from the past 
• Study sacred contracts 
• Trust the Universe 
• Understand why you chose your family
• Empower your soul
• Find balance
• Developing meditation techniques
• Connecting with your guides and angels
• Unleash your creativity
• Unearth Past Lives 
...and so much more! 

You are the only person that can 

move and shift your spirit!

empowerment coaching

This one-on-one program will help you reawaken to the guidance of your heart, to reconnect with the purpose of your soul, and get you back to your souls path. The empowerment mentoring program provides you with one on one sessions, telephone and email support, during which we will address any issue that you would like to clarify, heal and shift. It is individually guided; it will start precisely where you are on this journey right now. This can include your relationships, work, business, finances, healing work, spiritual path, life purpose, your children or your partner in life. 

During this program you will have me as a personal empowerment coach, I will direct you through the process of finding and using your personal creative power, removing the blocks that make you feel 'stuck', and helping you to develop that inner trust that you will use for the rest of your life.

During each monthly session we meet for for 60-90 minutes depending on the subject we are covering. There is a lot of inner work and assigned homework to help you shift and move on this journey. This process is not a question answer session but self empowerment passage that is guided by your spiritual guides and Angels to get you back on track.