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Space Cleansing and Blessing

​Does the energy in your space feel stuck or stagnant? Was your home previously occupied by residents who had stagnant energy, or did something tragic happen in your space? Is your house on the market to sell?

House cleansing has even been known to energize the space for speedier sale. ​Space cleansing that promotes wholeness, balance and harmony on all levels. Clearing space and stagnant energy from your home, workplace, anywhere you spend a great deal of time or your personal spirit. Is all about creating balance, harmony and letting go of old emotional junk that no longer serves you and replaces it with a lively vibrancy.


Results of a Space Cleansing

More Peaceful Environment

Reduced Anxiety or Stress levels 

Greater Mental & Emotional Clarity 

Better & more restful sleep 

Enhanced ability to heal

When should a space cleansing be done?

New Space
​Have you moved to a new space? Past residents will leave their energy stamp.

After Trauma 
​Illness strongly affects the energy in the home. Illness subdues the energy in a home, whether physically or mentally in the case of the person suffering, or from the nervous tension and energetic output of the person tending to the ill. 

​Conflict in the home or violation in the form of constant arguing or anger or if the home has been robbed or damaged in some way can also strongly affect the energy of the home and its occupants. After Change or to Illicit Change When change comes into life, whether positive or negative it can’t help but affect people and their environment. If you change jobs, lose someone you love, have to deal with conflict or resentment, or if you end a relationship, You can process your emotions and then cleanse yourself and your space to move forward.

​Cost of clearing Please email or call Trina 303-472-2910

​Cost is depends on Square footage of area, land and what is going on 

space clearings

Spirit Release (Ghosts)
Do you have strange noises, visions, smells, things moving and feeling like someone is watching you?  These are all signs that a spirit that may be living in your home with you. I can help these spirits move onto where they belong.  ​It is unclear why some spirits remain earthbound... perhaps their death was sudden or violent and the person's soul did not understand that their body had passed away. Or it could be a deceased family member just keeping a watchful eye on you. Whatever the reason, these spirits sometimes need extra help to move on to heaven .